“Be an opener of doors” – R.W. Emerson

At Storybook, we love to open doors and invite people into our 140-year old dairy barn. Where milk-cows once stood, in stanchions clamped, wedding guests and prom dates now dance to rhythmic tunes filling the place of days gone by.

Storybook’s interior of rough-cut oak and swaying beams evokes images of nineteenth-century settlers who eked out a way of life on the windswept Missouri plain. In structures lit by window pane and candlewick, they came to grips with sparsity and the utter necessity of hard work.

From their pioneering work, a sense of worth arose that offered its own reward. This lasting legacy undergirds the mission and ethos of Storybook.

Storybook is more than a venue in a popular area of venues; it’s a place where stories of worth are woven into time.

Two words, aspirational and inspirational, guide all that takes place at Storybook. The words live on in the scented sphere of Storybook, as a tiny plaque beckons all to “be an opener of doors.”

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