About Storybook Barn

Today, Storybook Barn is one of the Ozark’s premiere wedding, retreat and event venues. But this 19th-century barn and historic wedding venue got its start in a rich and charming past.

The Pickle family originally built the historic barn when they settled the land, during the Civil War era. On one side of the barn, Percheron draft horses routinely occupied stalls; and on the other, milk cows vied for space along an old, oak manger.

The original Pickle homestead was a modest, clapboard, two-room structure with twin fireplaces. One room served as space for cooking and dining, the other for sleeping. You can only encounter similar scenes on the Amish farms of the Ozarks today.

The Pickle homestead is still standing, only a few hundred feet from Storybook Barn. However, the Pickle home has a new name—Writer’s Cottage.