Delight Your Attendees with These New Year’s Eve Celebration Ideas

Another New Year is upon us. Time to weave yet another new chapter of worth into the story of time.

There’s still time to mark the occasion by planning a New Year’s Event your attendees will treasure long after the ball drops at midnight.

Here are 10 helpful ideas for planning a memorable New Year’s Eve party.

#1: Consider New Year Party Themes

Choosing a fun theme goes a long way toward planning the rest of your event, including food, music, decorations and more. It also helps attendees decide what to wear!

From futuristic to sentimental, there’s no shortage of exciting ideas for serving up a great time. Put on an enchanting masquerade ball, invite cowboys and cowgirls to a western hoe-down or roll the dice on a casino night. Or choose a favorite decade — such as Roaring 20s, Fabulous 50s or Disco 70s.

#2: Choose a Start Time

Every New Year’s event culminates with the final countdown to midnight. How soon before that should your festivities begin?

Many people will want to have dinner earlier in the evening, before arriving at their destination for ringing in the new year.

A later start time, such as 2-3 hours before midnight, gives guests time to complete their dinner plans and other activities before joining the fun at your event.

#3: New Year’s Eve Decoration Ideas

This is one area where you don’t have to spend much money to make a great impression.

Simple, shiny centerpieces, glittering tablecloths, and sparkly costume bling are all you need to strike the right tone on a budget of any size.

And choosing a good theme (see Tip #1) can also help you choose just the right decorations.

#4: New Year’s Eve Menu Ideas

Instead of a filling, heavy meal, lighter fare tends to be more popular on New Year’s Eve.

Simple finger foods like small sandwiches, fruits, raw veggies, sliced lean meats and cheeses will please your attendees, as will a few sweet treats and tasty desserts.

#5: New Year Drink Ideas

You could offer a full bar staffed by a bartender, or present a simpler offering of champagne punch and cocktails.

Light colored drinks are popular for ringing in the New Year, as are classic cocktails such as a gin & tonic or martini.

Be sure to have some festive non-alcoholic options available so that everyone can join in the fun.

#6: Music for New Year’s Eve Parties

Play some upbeat music for attendees to dance or sing along with as they celebrate with you.

You could hire local musicians or a DJ to play music in keeping with your theme. Or you could put together a special playlist from your favorite streaming service.

#7: New Year’s Eve Activities

A few exciting activities in the spirit of your party theme will make your event more memorable.

Set up a photobooth where attendees can take their own wacky party pics. Deal out special New Year’s playing cards or other fun and games to break the ice and encourage light-hearted interaction between guests.

You could offer cool door prizes for trivia buffs, or hold a silent auction or raffle to raise money for a worthy cause.

#8: New Year Party Photos

Be sure to get plenty of pictures for you and attendees to share.

You could hire a photographer or recruit a friend or staff member with great photography skills.

#9: New Year’s Eve Party Favors

Costume jewelry, colorful candies and other fun items make for good gift bag ideas.

While optional, party favors give attendees a keepsake from your event that will help them remember the great time they had.

#10: New Year Safety

Help your attendees start the new year on the right foot by including safety in your party plans.

Encourage all guests to choose a designated driver, and consider ordering a taxi or shuttle service to help everyone get home safely.

In addition to these planning tips, there’s still time to book your New Year’s Eve celebration. Contact us at Storybook Barn to learn how you can ring in the New Year in our beautiful historic setting near Springfield, MO!

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