Looking at Places to Get Married? 10 Tips for Choosing a Wedding Venue

Congratulations! You’ve found that special person and you’re ready to weave the next chapter in your story together.

Now it’s time to find the perfect backdrop for your big day.

To assist you in your search, we’ve compiled a list of 10 helpful hints when considering wedding venues near Springfield, MO for celebrating your happy beginning.

#1: Choose a Wedding Venue that Helps You Tell Your Story

Your wedding venue plays an integral part in sharing the story of your unique journey as a couple.

From creating a welcoming ambience for guests to serving as a complement for your wedding colors, the enchanting rustic elegance of an historic setting like Storybook Barn sets the tone for your new life together.

#2: Consider Your Guest List

How many people do you plan to invite to your wedding? You may want a small, intimate gathering, or have a long list of family and friends on your list.

Will there be room for tables, chairs and a buffet? What about music and dancing? Ask venues about capacity and setup options, so you’ll have enough space for everyone to enjoy your celebration with you.

#3: Choose Your Wedding Date

Have a date in mind, or at least a few possible dates, when you start talking to prospective venues.

Availability may differ based on the season, day of the week and time of day. For example, Saturdays in the summertime are most popular, so you may need to plan further ahead if that’s when you’d like to get married.

You may have more flexibility if you get married on another day of the week, such as Friday or Sunday, or during the spring, fall or winter.

#4: Think About Wedding Logistics

Will you say “I do” at a church or other location and then travel to the reception, or will the ceremony and reception be at the same place?

There are other logistical aspects of planning your wedding that will influence your choice of venue:

How much time will you have at your venue? Can you rent the space for an entire day, or will you have just a few hours?

Make sure the venue has enough parking for all of your guests.

How close is the venue to nearby hotels? Is the venue easy to find? If you have guests from out of town who don’t know the area, consider hiring a shuttle service to help them get around town.

Have a Plan B in case of rain. If you’re planning an outdoor wedding, make sure the venue has a nearby indoor space in case Mother Nature has other plans for your big day.

#5: Visit the Venue

Looking at pictures and videos can tell you a lot, but it’s best to visit a location and talk to someone in person before making a final decision.

Schedule an appointment to do a walk-through. That’ll give you a much better sense of how much space you’ll have and the overall layout. Consider visiting the site when it’s set up for a wedding to get an even better idea of what to expect on your big day.

#6: Decide How Much Privacy You’d Like

Will you have exclusive use of the property during your wedding, or will your venue be hosting other events at the same time?

If so, how close will the two events be? Will there be interaction between you and attendees of that other occasion?

How would you feel about strangers walking or driving by where they could see your wedding taking place?

#7: Consider Lighting and Power Needs

Both natural and electric lighting can help to set the right tone for your wedding. Visiting prospective venues at the same time of day when you plan to have your wedding can help with your planning.

  • If you’re having a daytime wedding, an indoor venue with lots of windows can let in natural light for a cheerful mood.
  • Your photographer can also help you choose a lighting scheme that will render more beautiful wedding photos.

Talk about other power needs when shopping for your wedding venue.

  • Is there cooking equipment for caterers to use, or may they bring their own equipment for preparing and serving food onsite?
  • Does the facility have audio/visual equipment, or adequate electrical capacity for setting up a PA system for either live musicians or a DJ?
  • Is there a good heating and cooling system to keep guests comfortable?
  • Will extension cords be needed? If so, does the venue have them on hand?

#8: Get Referrals

Ask friends, relatives, colleagues and neighbors about weddings they’ve planned or attended in the past few years. You might also check online reviews.

What are their thoughts on the venues that hosted those weddings? How was the service? Were staff members friendly and easy to work with? What about Convenience? Cleanliness? Overall atmosphere?

#9: Ask About Catering Options

You’ll find a variety of catering arrangements available. Some venues offer full-service in-house catering, some have preferred off-site vendors, and others will accommodate the caterer of your choice.

Ask about food preparation, cooking and storage facilities, as well as availability of tables, chairs, plates, utensils, linens and other amenities.

#10: Set Your Wedding Budget

As you compare the cost of different venues, decide how much you’re willing to spend.

Keep in mind that venue costs will vary a great deal based on what is included in your rental fee. More expensive venues may require that you use their other services like food service, decorations, set up and clean up, while a less expensive location may let you choose the vendors you want.

Also balance the cost of your venue with other expenses like wedding attire, photography and the like.

Are you searching for the perfect place to begin the next chapter in your story?

Get in touch with us at Storybook Barn to learn more about planning your wedding at our unique historic venue just 15 minutes east of Springfield.

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