Are big weddings out, and smaller intimate weddings in?

We have been continually asked if big weddings were out, and smaller more intimate weddings in, due to the cloud of COVID that continues to linger over our lives. 2020 has been a tough year, but we have learned in the past 9 months that all of the precautions and safety measures that we have learned to operate under in our day to day are here to stay for a little while longer.


At Storybook barn, we have taken the safety of our guests very seriously. You will see in previous blog posts and social media postings that we have made several improvements across the property that promote clean and sanitized hands and surfaces. Our heating and air conditioning units inside of the barn feature germ resistant and air purifying features that promote optimal air circulation for all our guests, reducing risk of stagnant air in close quarters. Aside from those air units, upper and lower barn doors can be open wide allowing for natural air to flow throughout the barn. This is both effective and one of the favorite features at Storybook.

Event Configurations

One of the things that we love about the Storybook properties is how we can configure events to the safety of our guests. With the outdoor gazebo, plenty of benches for seating, and the barn hall being just a short earshot from the action, it is possible to have a ceremony outside and celebrate inside with ease! Or, visa-versa. Being that you have access to all of the table space and seating you would need included with the cost of the venue, the property becomes a beautiful tool that is at your disposal to create a perfectly safe scenario as you write the next page in your storybook. Do we still encourage the use of masks and social distancing? Of course. BUT, there is plenty of room to spread out and enjoy each other’s company across the property.

The joy of weddings and other events does not need to be sucked away by the misery that can be associated with the coronavirus. Keep in mind as you plan for 2021 weddings and events that there are options that promote the safety of all your guests. Let us know how we can help! We have an event planner on site that is always available to tour the facility with you and help you plan the safest practice for your next event.

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